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Mental Health Support

Richard Hall Community Health and Wellness Center

500 North Bridge St., Bridgewater NJ 08807



Offers a broad range of outpatient services. If a client needs acute or immediate care, a referral is made to Psychiatric Emergency Screening (PESS) for emergency intervention and to assess the possible need for inpatient hospitalization. The number is 908-526-4100. The Center has a sliding fee scale (applicable only to Somerset County residents).


Services Offered:

  • Individual Therapy; in person or over the phone

  • Psychiatric Medication follow-up after hospital discharge and on-going services

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

  • Substance Use Disorder (drug and alcohol) Assistance

  • Dual Recovery (for combined substance use and mental illness)


Assessment Center

The Access Center at Richard Hall Community Health & Wellness Center serves as the single point of entry for individuals seeking services at the Richard Hall. Call 908-253-3165 to make an initial appointment

Referral Procedure

While community agencies may make referrals for services, clients can also be self-referred. Clients may be asked for previous treatment summaries if they have been in treatment with a private provider or another agency.


Outpatient Department

Dedicated to treating psychiatric and emotional problems that affect adults and their families. The Department offers treatment options including individual, group and family counseling.


Group options available:

  • Relapse Prevention Groups for clients with serious and persistent mental illness

  • Women’s Trauma

  • Medical Issues for older adults

  • Stress & Mental Health for older adults

  • Anxiety Group

  • Depression Group

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Group

  • Healthy Choices - a group for those struggling with eating disorders


Older Adult Services

Services designed to address the mental health needs of the aging. The program provides counseling in individual, family and group settings. The services are in-person, or through telehealth using video or phone calls.

In-Home Therapy Services

Jayne Spengler

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, LCADC, DRCC


Berkley Heights & Somerset

  • Provides in-home therapy to the homebound

  • Accepts Medicaid and straight Medicare

  • Specializes in grief and life transitions

Message from Jayne:

“Life is a journey that can sometimes seem overwhelming with no supports. You feel stuck in patterns or behaviors, wanting new ways to meet life's difficulties. Feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability understandably lead to distress, impacting relationships you have with your partner, children, friends or coworkers. I believe we live in, and are a product of our relationships - not only with others, but with our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is my belief that to operate authentically in connection to those around us, we must work to strengthen the most integral relationship we hold; the one we have with ourselves.


Together we will discover new ways of navigating life and engaging with yourself and others; focusing on building bridges, not walls, restoring trust and inviting exploration. It is a huge decision to begin therapy - often quite intimidating. I will attempt to make this step forward into counseling as smooth as possible for you.


Certified in trauma, disaster and crisis, I tailor my therapeutic approach to the individual's specific needs and preferences. My therapy orientation is eclectic, utilizing a variety of treatment approaches, including interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, insight-oriented, and solution-focused, with my foundation always strengths based.”

Social Support

Jewish Family services (JFS) provides friendly visiting services to increase socialization in the senior population. Friendly visiting is a free program of matching a volunteer with a senior to spend time together during the week. This can include different activities together such as playing cards, watching a movie, or reading together. Volunteers are also meant to provide further access to services within Somerset through JFS.


For more information about the Senior Friendly Visitor Program, please contact Debra Rimmer at or 908-725-7799 x119

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