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Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)


AMCEST: 800-631-7370, less than $15/mo

  • Emergency button – watch or pendant style

  • Emergency signal is sent to first responders and your choice of relative/friend/neighbor with a key

Special rate for Ridge Oak, make sure to identify self as resident


Life Alert: 800-828-3312

Medical Alert: 844-740-0047

Medical Guardian: 844-706-0072

MobileHelp: 877-841-4256

OneCallAlert: 866-396-4640

ADT Medical Alert: 855-799-3318

UnaliWear: 877–224-3946

LifeFone: 855-482-3945

General information on “PERS” devices is provided as a courtesy by Ridge Oak. Ridge Oak does not install or service equipment.  Ridge Oak does not endorse or make any guarantees regarding these devices, the companies and/or their response in an emergency. Always call 911 when possible.

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