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Ridge Oak Transportation

Ridge Oak provides frequent shopping routes to Bernardsville, Lyons, Stirling and Gillette. For routine shopping, the bus leaves from Felmeth Hall, circles the property and then stops at Village 12. Return trip time is announced by the driver–approximately Noon. There is no charge for this service. Check the ACORNS newsletter for the schedule. 


Somerset Para-Transit

Somerset County Division of Transportation Para-Transit Service provides curb to curb transportation to residents who are senior citizens; and people aged 18 or older with functional limitations. Trips to medical appointments have a high priority. If scheduling permits, transportation for other reasons, like grocery shopping, day care and senior centers may be available. At least 48 hours advance notice is required for most reservations and riders must pre-register before scheduling their first ride. Donations are accepted for all trip purposes not covered by a required fare. Additional information is available at You may request a complete packet of information by calling 908-231-7115.



Lakeland Bus Lines operates between Bernardsville and New York Port Authority with three stops in the Basking Ridge area. The closest stop to Ridge Oak is at S. Finley Ave. & W. Henry St. approximately 12-minute walk from Felmeth Hall (1/2 mi). Call 973-366-0600 or check the website for schedule and fare information.



There are several taxi companies in the area – Check the Yellow Pages for area listings or see “at a glance” information below. 



NJ Transit railway operates the Gladstone Branch that connects Basking Ridge to Newark and Hoboken transportation hubs. Basking Ridge Station is located at Ridge St. & Depot Place, near Washington Ave., approximately one mile from Felmeth Hall (150 Manchester Drive).  For more information and schedules, contact NJ Transit at 973-275-5555 or check the website.


Transportion Options

Uber and Lyft are on-demand, car services that allow you to request a ride from a private driver through a ‘smartphone’ application. The service uses dispatch software to send the nearest available driver to your location. You need to sign up for the service and ‘download’ their application to your smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) These services charge your ride directly to the credit card on file with your account. Contact Lyft or Uber.

Transportation at a Glance



Pick-up Location


Lakeland Bus


S. Finley & W. Henry St.

New York Port Authority

NJ Transit Train


Ridge St. & Depot Place

Newark & Hoboken

Ridge Oak Bus


Felmeth Hall & Village 12


Somerset Para-Transit


Curbside Pick-up

Medical appts are Priority

EZ Ride4life


Curbside Pick-up

All locations in NJ

Taxi Services

Adams Limo & Car

908-608-0807 or 1-888-404-0808

Basking Ridge A-1 Limo

973-752-2154 or 1-888-968-8646

Bernards Township Car


Terri's Taxi


*Transportation information is provided as a reference only. Ridge Oak does not guarantee any provider's current schedule or routing. Please contact the provider directly.

Transportation Assistance for Residents

Ridge Oak has access limited access to volunteers to help tenants get to non-emergency medical appointments. Tenants must have exhausted all other resources for transportation assistance before these precious volunteer resources are utilized. These other resources include:

  • Family, Friends & Ridge Oak Neighbors

  • Somerset County Department of Transportation 908-231-7116 - No fee


Once the above resources have been exhausted, tenants may inquire with the Ridge Oak office regarding local volunteer assistance. This has been VERY LIMITED due to COVID. Tenants should follow these guidelines when requesting transportation assistance:

  • Call the Ridge Oak office (908-221-0266) at least five business days in advance of your appointment and tell the Social Service Coordinator that you need transportation assistance

  • Give the date, time, and exact location of your appointment


Additional Resources

Ridge Oak also has an account established with Go-Go Grandparent to help with resident transportation needs – medical or other. This is helpful for residents without a smartphone or other device to schedule Lyft or Uber on their own. Go Go Grandparent bills Ridge Oak and we bill the tenant. Contact the Social Services Coordinator for details. 


Life Ride is a local transportation service that provides door-to-door assistance to people using walkers and wheelchairs or who are otherwise disabled. Contact the Social Services Coordinator for details. 


EZ-Ride4Life connects tenants to Lyft or Uber and does not need to be scheduled ahead of time. Cars can be ordered on-demand and service all NJ counties. Recipients of PAAD or both Medicaid and Medicare, receive 50% of their rides. Contact the Social Services Coordinator for more details. 

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